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(Please note: names of clients have been altered to protect confidentiality)

$2.25 MILLION For Mo!

Mo was riding his bicycle without a helmet, when he was violently struck by a motor vehicle. He suffered a permanent brain injury. Complicating matters was the fact that the police reconstruction report placed him at-fault for the accident, as he failed to yield to a stop sign. After consulting with many lawyers who felt he did not have a claim due to the police findings, Mo was ready to give up when he consulted with our office. After carefully reviewing and marshaling the evidence, Fawad Siddiqui felt confident in the facts of the case and accepted Mo as a client. We were able to persuade the Defence that their client was likely speeding on a residential street and ought to have taken greater care in the operation of her motor vehicle. We were able to recover $2.25 MILLION for Mo.

$1.8 MILLION for Trisha!

Trisha was a young woman who was resuming her working career in sales. She was very good at it and doubled her salary off of commissions. She loved her job. One day while traveling to a client’s place of business in her car, Trisha was violently struck from behind. Although she attempted a return to work, she was unable to continue. She developed a Chronic Pain Syndrome with extreme psychological overlay. Her mental capacity had become so compromised that she would suffer from pseudo-seizures with any level of stress or anxiety in her life. We successfully secured over $1.8 MILLION for Trisha, to ensure she and her family would have sufficient supports for the rest of her life.

$1.6 MILLION For Hagar And Her Family!

Hagar was involved in a catastrophic motor vehicle accident with an 18-wheel tractor-trailer truck, while on her way home from temple. There was a stop sign for her that the truck driver said she ran. Hagar suffered a severe brain injury which caused her to lose all memory for the 24-48 hours immediately before the accident, and thus could not recall the details of her accident to counter the truck driver’s statement. With no other witnesses, all hope seemed lost and Hagar’s lawyer at the time did not see merit in her claim. However, shortly after being retained, Fawad Siddiqui attended the scene of the accident and noted the stop sign was set further back from the intersection, than regulated by the province. We immediately put the municipality on notice and began legal proceedings against it and the truck driver. After 6 years of contentious litigation with the municipality, truck driver and Hagar’s car insurer, and at the doorstep of Trial, we were able to secure over $1.6 MILLION for Hagar and her family!

$1.1 MILLION for Ike!

Ike was a diligent, hardworking individual, who was involved in a violent motor vehicle collision with an off-duty officer. Although Ike displayed symptoms of a traumatic brain injury, he returned to work against the advice of his doctors. For 1.5 years after the collision, Ike attended the Brain Injury clinic, and was referred to numerous specialists to investigate his brain injury symptoms, all while maintaining his full-time employment. One day while at work, Ike suffered a dizzy spell and fainted, falling head-first onto the bare concrete floor. After this fall, he never returned to work.

Ike’s previous lawyer did not advance a theory of brain injury and brain impairment, treating his claim as a “chronic pain” case. Ike’s case lingered for over 4.5 years, before he decided to retain Siddiqui Law Office. Fawad Siddiqui immediately changed the course of litigation, by strongly advancing the theory that Ike’s fall at work was caused by the ongoing brain injury symptoms he sustained from the car accident. Although the Defence vigorously opposed this theory, we persisted in our position and 3 days before the start of Trial, we obtained a settlement for Ike recovering $1.1 MILLION.

$900,000.00 For Syed!

Syed was 24 years old at the time of his accident. For 4 years he was represented by a lawyer who was derelict in his duties and allowed Syed’s file to linger. Eventually, the court dismissed Syed’s claims. Syed then approached Fawad Siddiqui who carefully examined the file. Through prayers and dedicated service, we were able to reopen Syed’s claims within a year of being retained. Within 3 years of reopening his claims in court, we were able to recover for Syed $900,000.00!


$700,000 for Marg!

Marg was a hard-working young woman who had just started out in the banking sector when suddenly, she was rear-ended at full-speed due to the recklessness of a driver behind her. Despite only being in her 30’s, Marg developed a Chronic Pain Syndrome and was forced to exit the workforce. Marg had 2 previous lawyers who dithered on her claims. After being referred to our office, we immediately sprung into action completing a battery of assessments and keeping the pressure on her insurance companies — Accident Benefit, LTD and the at-fault driver’s. We were able to secure over $700,000 in settlement for Marg.

$650,000 for Leena!

Leena was reversing her car into a parking spot when she suddenly pressed the accelerator pedal and slammed into the concrete wall behind her. She suffered a moderate head injury. Leena was forced to leave her job, having only been 2 years from retirement. She was with a lawyer prior to retaining our firm. That firm failed to adequately investigate and pursue her head injury symptoms. After retaining our firm, we vigorously pursued her head injury sequelae and in spite of the reduced benefit limits and her advanced age, we were able to secure a settlement of $650,000!

$450,000.00 For Pat!

Pat was involved in a serious motor vehicle collision.  The police however did not find fault with the other driver.  A little over a year later, Pat fell while helping her daughter move.  Initially, Pat told her treating doctors that she fell while wearing wet boots.  However later, Pat recalled that the fall felt like her leg gave out.  She broke her ankle and required surgical insertion of plate and screws as a result of the fall.  Fawad Siddiqui was able to show that not only was the other driver at fault, but that Pat’s ongoing leg and ankle weakness stemming from her car accident, caused her to fall.  Pat was unable to return to work at 54 years of age.  Within four years of her accident, we settled and recovered for Pat $450,000.00.

$375,000.00 For Mac!

Mac suffered a meniscal tear to her right knee in a car accident. She was forced to stop working her two minimum wage jobs. She underwent surgery on her right knee, never fully recovering. We advocated on Mac’s behalf to effectively show that her impairments were permanent, and seriously affected her ability to live her normal, pre-accident life. The Defence resisted for a lengthy period of time, but before commencing Trial, agreed to settle her claim. We were able to get Mac $375,000.00.

$370,000.00 For Judy!

Judy was represented by two different lawyers prior to retaining Fawad Siddiqui. Her first lawyer wanted to settle her car accident claim for $6000.00. Her second lawyer was only getting offered $25,000.00 for her disability claim from the insurance company. Judy’s case was complicated by the fact that she was off work prior to her car accident, for psychological conditions that became aggravated following the accident. Judy was despondent and desperate, when she was referred by her doctor to Fawad Siddiqui. Having been represented by different lawyers for 4 years without any progress, Fawad Siddiqui redeveloped her file from scratch and started anew. After another 4 years of litigation, we recovered $370,000.00 for Judy – an almost 1100% increase from what her 2 previous lawyers combined were getting.

$360,000.00 For Al!

Al was involved in a head-on motor vehicle accident in which the other driver died. Al suffered from severe psychological distress as a result of this accident and was unable to return to work. Due to fault being placed on Al, he believed he had no claim and his previous lawyer arranged for a settlement of $40,000.00 from his no-fault insurer for Accident Benefits. The settlement paperwork had been signed, sealed and delivered, with the cheque in the previous lawyer’s hand, when the client was referred to Siddiqui Law Office for a second opinion. Fawad Siddiqui carefully analyzed the evidence and found that there was a reasonable basis to suspect the accident was the fault of an unidentified driver who cut Al off. We immediately accepted Al’s retainer and instructed his former lawyer to return the settlement cheque. We were able to successfully reopen Al’s claim against his no-fault insurer and commence a claim against the unidentified driver. We recovered $360,000.00 in Accident Benefits for Al – an 800% increase from what his previous lawyer had advised him to settle for.

$300,000.00 For Ray!

Ray was seriously injured in a car accident, when his knee completely shattered after a driver lost control and sandwiched his knee between 2 cars. Ray was bed-ridden for 8 months and returned to work successfully thereafter. Complicating matters was Ray’s diagnosis of a debilitating muscular degenerative condition, that was genetic and progressively deteriorating his condition. However Fawad Siddiqui was able to convince Ray’s insurer and that of the at-fault driver, that Ray would develop arthritis in his knees and would require future care and a potential loss of income. Fawad Siddiqui recovered over $300,000.00 for Ray and his family.

$250,000.00 For Marge!

Marge was an elderly, retired woman, exiting a bus when the bus driver suddenly moved the bus from a parked position, causing her to fall. She suffered multiple fractures to her knee and was in a long-term care facility. Liability was a contentious issue as the bus driver maintained that he had the parking brake applied and passengers on the bus testified that they did not feel the bus move. Despite this, Fawad Siddiqui was able to gather enough evidence to convince the Defendant that they faced great exposure if the matter proceeded to trial. Consequently, we obtained $250,000.00 for Marge.

$200,000.00 For Fita!

Fita suffered an acquired brain injury after being struck head-on by a drunk driver. Despite returning to his pre-accident employment as a taxi driver, we were able to successfully show that Fita continued to display symptoms of brain injury sequelae and would continue to have residual impairments therefrom. We were able to recover $200,000.00 for Fita.

$125,000.00 For Rasi!

Rasi was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, in which he developed a condition commonly referred to as “frozen shoulder.” Despite being retired and not working in any capacity at the time of the accident, we were able to recover $125,000.00 for the injuries Rasi sustained, arguing that they would substantially impair what little he did enjoy, pre-accident.

$105,000.00 For Jen!

Rasi was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident, in which he developed a condition commonly referred to as “frozen shoulder.” Despite being retired and not working in any capacity at the time of the accident, we were able to recover $125,000.00 for the injuries Rasi sustained, arguing that they would substantially impair what little he did enjoy, pre-accident.

Past results are not reflective of future outcomes. The value of each case -- past, present and future -- is dependent on a number of factors unique to each individual. Contact our office for more information.

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